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Sarah Apr 21 2017


The food was absolutely amazing, especially the lamb. And the wine served went perfectly. Never before had I eaten a meal where every single morsel was FABULOUS! The hosts were very sweet and I appreciated hearing their backgrounds. The belly dancer was a nice touch; and the space was welcoming. If I could re-create the evening, I would in a minute!

Eddie Dec 06 2016


What I find is the most incredible aspect of Aliza's meals, is how consistent she is both in food quality and continuous efforts to excite the taste bud. She constantly awakens more and more childhood memories, some I did not know I had. Aliza is a phenomenal cook, and the meals she prepares are always the highlight of my local culinary experiences. Kudos.

Grainne Jan 31 2017


A wonderful first time exploration of Israeli cuisine - I had no idea it was so good!! There was so much great food for brunch and the atmosphere was so welcoming :)

Tal Nov 03 2016


Aliza's food is *amazing*. If you've never tried Israeli gourmet food (or like me you have and love it) Aliza's kitchen is the one to try. From the scrumptious homemade rolls to the homemade jams to the exotic spicy fish and awesome Malabi desserts, every dish was just pure awesome. Truly a meal that comes from the heart. We were thinking and talking about it days later. I will def EatWith Aliza again!

Ariel Jul 02 2016


The event was perfect, with very welcoming hosts, engaging company but mostly due to the amazing food--creative and delicious appetizers, more traditional main courses with the freshest ingredients bringing a taste of the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Tagel Jan 22 2017


Don't miss this super tasty brunch! We celebrated our friend's birthday, and everyone had a great time. The food was absolutely amazing, so much variety and everything was so good. Aliza went above and beyond the expectations and even made a delicious birthday cake for the birthday girl! The atmosphere was friendly and fun, we almost didn't want to leave the place :) In short, highly recommended and we'll definitely come back. Thanks Aliza and the team!

Colleen Jul 13 2016


I only recently tried Israeli cuisine for the first time in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in April and was in love! Being state side it is always difficult to find authentic and tasty food so was absolutely over the moon when I tasted our host Aliza's wonderful dishes. The soup was creamy, spicy and delicious. The challah warm, buttery, and chewy. I had 2! The fish with sauce was my absolute favorite as well as the Malabo with rose for dessert. Malabi was the dessert served to my fiancé and I after our engagement in Jerusalem so has a special place in my heart ( and my stomach!). My fiancé and I loved Aliza's cooking so much we hired her to cater our wedding! Thank you for such a great experience and for the fun company too!

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