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Optional Kosher Menu

Cost effective solutions for Kosher menu needs

A kosher menu can massively increase costs due to the strict Kashrut Halacha requirements (requires dedicated kosher kitchen, "mashgichim",  etc).  We can offer cost effective solutions, by either cooking at the client's kosher kitchen, or serving a menu "Kosher Style"

Cooking at the client's kosher kitchen

If you have a kosher kitchen, we can cook in your location, using only kosher ingredients and staff fully knowledgeable of Jewish Halacha kosher practices. The menu will then meet the requirements of "kashrut"

"Kosher Style" Catering

We can create a menu "Kosher Style". While this doesn't meet the standard of "Kosher", it's acceptable at some jewish events.

- No mixing of meat and dairy

- Serve only meat and fish allowed in jewish tradition

- Observe jewish cooking traditions 

Contact us for further information or inquiries regarding how we can answer your event's requirements.

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