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The Perfect Sabich Sandwich

Mastering the perfect "Sabich" sandwich

can be a matter of much debates in the streets of Tel Aviv.

No matter how you mix it, the sabich sandwich is a healthy and delicious Israeli street food. Finding The right blend of the ingredients can require much trial and error. The Sabich consists of fried eggplant with brown eggs, topped with tahini, amba, and zhug. The fusion of flavors will send you taste buds on an exciting journey.

In an Israeli Sabich stand, the cook will customize the sandwich according to your preference. When the queue is long, and your turn is up, you're expected to quickly and clearly declare your order, no time for hesitation. For example, "I'll have an extra egg, hold on the eggplant, two dashes of amba, one of tahini and dash of zhug." (Never say "please" or "thank you" in Tel Aviv, time is of the essence!)

When in doubt, one can aways just say, "Give me the complete order/the works." The cook might check in, "Are you sure about the `harrif`(spicy sauce)", in which case the answer is, "Bring it on!"

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