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Appetizers And Finger Food

I specialize in appetizers and finger foods.
All the components are homemade with the best ingredients. 
Every order is freshly cooked from scratch fresh per event.


  • Endive lettuce boats filled with fruit and cheese

  • mini quiches 

  • Bourekas with different stuffings 

  • Stuffed mushrooms

  • Mini Sabich sandwiches (pita filled with eggplant, tahini, hard boiled egg, and mango chutney)

  • Mini shaksuka on Moroccan bread with a quail egg

  • Mini khachapuri (Georgian pastries stuffed with a cheese mixture and quail eggs)

  • Puff pastries with goat cheese, artichokes and sumac

  • Stuffed puff pastries with brie cheese and jam

  • Grilled fresh figs stuffed with blue cheese

  • Dates stuffed with pistachios and wasabi

  • Eggplant spread with lemon and cilantro

Mini sandwiches with unique spreads
  • beets and feta spread

  • lentil hummus 

  • Matbucha (Roasted Cherry tomatoes and garlic)

  • Labane

  • Chirchi (pumpkin with harissa)


Meat and Poultry Appetizers
  • Mini buns with smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill

  • Sephardic Chraime (fish balls on a skewer)

  • herring fish with pickled red onions on crackers

  • Corned beef with pickles 

  • Roast beef with pickles

  • Liver pâté and onion jam

  • White fish ceviche


Plates and Platters
  • Cheese plater

  • Fruit platter

  • Vegetable plater 

  • Charcuterie plater

Soups in a “one shot” glass
  • Pea soup with ras-el-hanout

  • Yogurt tzatziki 

  • Gazpacho 

  • Russian borscht


Sweet appetizers
  • chocolate covered oranges 

  • mini babka cake

  • Israeli style chocolate pudding (Milki)

  • Malabi (Coconut milk and rosewater pudding)

  • Mini knafeh (shredded filo dough with sweet cheese)

  • Vegan mango treats 

  • Apple roses with puff pastry

  • Mini deconstructed cheesecake 



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