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Sending Smiles 

a community effort to bring cheer and brightness to Israeli children and families.

We are organizing an event focused on creating cheerful packages, full of encouragement and hope 
To be shipped directly to Israeli kids and families whose parents have been called to active duty.
Please bring your kids and help us ship a token, a hug, a smile.

We’ll gather at Pomella on Thursday oct 19th from 2-7pm.
You are welcome to drop-off items to be packaged or join us as we write letters and draw. There will be cookies, as well as other stationary supplies. This is a family event.


What are we collecting:

  • Treats in small bags

  • Fidget toys

  • Special pens and markers

  • kites

  • Coloring books

  • Card games

  • Small Lego boxes

  • Friendship bracelets





Pomella Oakland

3770 Piedmont Ave

Suite B

Oakland, CA 94611

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