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Gift Baskets and Fruit Platters

We offer gift baskets for groups, or fruit platters for individual orders.

The Baskets can be delivered to California Bay Area, or sent via post across the USA, depends on contents.

Gift Baskets for Groups

The baskets are sold for groups, since the items are made special for the occasion, tailored to the clients needs.
Baskets can be themed for seasons and holidays, or just a special gift regardless of season. Contents can optionally be Kosher. 

Optional items your basket might include:

  • Homemade jams and confiture

  • Home baked pies, cakes and breads

  • Exotic spices and sauces.

  • Variety homemade cookies

  • Homemade pickles and preserves

  • Scented soaps and candles

  • Artisan Home Accessories and unique gifts


Contact us regarding your custom gift baskets.


Fruit Platters

We offer a platter of seasonal freshly sliced fruits.

The Regular:

An appetizing rich platter of freshly sliced exotic seasonal fruit.

The Healthy

builds on the regular platter, and inlcudes items such as 

  • Yogurt dip

  • Dried fruit and nuts

The Indulgent:

builds on the regular platter, and could include:

  • Boutique Chocolate

  • Chocolate dipped fruit

Le fromage français (French Style):

  • Served French style, fruit along side a rich flavorful cheese variety. 

The Fancy

  • Build upon any other platter, but Served on a unique home decor platter (ceramic/metallic)

A platter might optionally include added items such as: 

  • Home-made Jams

  • Flavored Drinks

  • A Personalized Note

Gift Baskets and Fruit platter Inquiry

Thanks for your inquiry, we'll contact your as soon as possible!!

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